Jewish tours in Mainz, Worms, Speyer

Half day tour (3 hours) to the following sites:

  • New Synagogue (site of the former main synagogue)
  • Memorials to Jewish history in the city center
  • Collecting point for the Jews before their deportation
  • Place of the national socialist dictatorship
  • Jewish cemetery (no visit allowed)

This tour can be done by foot, but if you are planning to see another city the same day, a car would be better. The tour in Mainz can be combined with a tour in Frankfurt, Worms or Speyer. Automobile required.


  • Stroll through the Jewish cemetery
  • Visit the restored medieval synagogue and the mikve
  • Stroll through the former Ghetto

This is a walking tour that lasts roughly three hours. The tour can be combined with excursions to Frankfurt, Mainz or Speyer. Automobile required.


  • Judenhof with remnants of the medieval synagogue
  • Visit the mikve and the Judaica exhibition of Speyer
  • Memorial of the former synagogue from the 19th century
  • Traces of Jewish life from the early 20th century
  • New synagogue Beit Shalom

3 hour walking tour. Tour can be combined with a tour in Mainz, Worms or Frankfurt. Automobile required.