Berlin / Potsdam Tours

Berlin, Brandenburg Gate

I would like to help you discover the different faces of Berlin. Maybe during a short visit of two hours, or on multiple days you plan to spend in this exciting city. Based on your needs, I’ll work out a customized, individual itinerary for you.

Here are some ideas of what I think is worth seeing:


Berlin, Reichstag

Classic Berlin: whether the Brandenburg Gate or the Reichstag, the famous boulevard Unter den Linden or Kurfuerstendamm, Checkpoint Charlie and Gendarmenmarkt – this tour is a stroll through the city’s history in order to get an overview over the history of Berlin.


The Berlin Wall: 10 years from now, The Wall will still be a topic that the world will be talking about. But where was it exactly? How was The Wall built and why? How did people in the West and in the East of this divided city live? We’ll follow the traces of the Berlin Wall.


Neues Berlin
Berlin, Federal Chancellery

Capital Berlin: In 1991 the German Bundestag decided to move the capital of the newly unified Germany from Bonn to Berlin. Since then a lot has changed: the Reichstag – which was designed by Johann Paul Wallot – has again become Germany’s official Parliament and many government offices and ministries have been built. The German chancellor and president have their offices in Berlin. Is there a continuity of the governmental district where Bismarck ruled, where the Nazis and the East German Government were?

A Touch of Ostalgy: How did people really live in the East? Was there enough food and clothes? How did they spend their leisure time and how did the school system work? Is there anything left of it? The little gentleman on the traffic lights has become world famous. Let’s discover the former East and talk about issues.

Berlin, Television Tower

Berlin Museums: I am at your disposal to guide you in the following museums: Pergamon, New Museum (Egyptian Museum), Old National Gallery, Knobelsdorff–wing of the Charlottenburg Palace, the Jewish Museum and the Museum of German History.

Potsdam: A visit to the city of the Prussian kings and German emperors – which is especially famous for the Sanssouci Palace of Frederic the Great – is a must for your Berlin stay. There were Russians, French, Dutchmen and Bohemians that lived in Potsdam – a multicultural society the Prussian way. I invite you to see the Cecilienhof Palace, where in 1945 the Potsdam Agreement was signed. You should at least plan half a day in Potsdam. If you need me to, I can arrange a reservation at other Potsdam castles for you.