About me: Olaf Kolbatz

Of all the people who come to Berlin, there are also a number of genuine Berliners, and one of them is me. Born and raised in former East Germany, I earned my university degree in history, French language and Israel studies. When I was a student, I started showing guests around my home town to discuss its incredible history with them. Later I decided to become a professional guide. Over the years I have become specialized in the Jewish history of Germany and Poland and so nowadays I give mostly tours on Jewish history. In addition to Berlin, Frankfurt is my second domicile.

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All tours will be tailor-made. I would be happy to send you a customized offer. At your request, I would also be happy to assist you with booking a hotel and/or transportation in Poland. It is a pleasure for me to help you find your family roots in Germany, Poland or the Ukraine. I should mention that I am fluent in Hebrew, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish and Russian.

More about me and Jewish-Tours here on my blog and on Facebook.