The Synagogue in Trieste (Italy)

The Synagogue in Trieste (Italy)

First of all I thought of my recently deceased friend who would have been happy to see me exploring the Synagogue in Trieste. Several times per week the Jewish Community offers tours of the Synagogue that last about 45 minutes. I went on a Sunday morning and found myself in front of the side door with about 40 other visitors (all Italians except two) waiting for the door to open. Our guide asked us to go in and pay € 3,50 for the tour. I was surprised when I asked the older man who opened the door why there wasn’t any security check supported by some Israeli security guards… He answered me that I shouldn’t worry because he had all under control. It turned out that his name was Menachem and he even spoke Hebrew when I started speaking to him in Hebrew.

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Mainz – its Jews and the New Synagogue

Recently I explored with some friends the „SHuM – communities plus Frankfurt on the Main. It turned out that the most impressive part of our trip was the visit to the new Synagogue in Mainz. When my friends looked at it from outside with a very skeptical and critical view and expressed their disapproval I started asking myself how people that live there or those like us coming to see it think of it. It is strange, it does not fit, it is a foreign body.

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My visit to Częstochowa

For a long time I have been looking forward to visiting Częstechowa. This wish has been reinforced after I had heard a story about a good friend’s story whose father was in Treblinka and made it as he had participated in the upraising and succeeded in escaping. This is a town that has a special importance for the Poles because of the Black Madonna saving the Poles on different occasions.

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